ADapT™ Digital Transformation Fundamentals – In English

ADapT™ Digital Transformation Fundamentals is a highly recognized method to orient organizations and guide their members to redefine and transform their business and related thinking. ADapT™ summarizes lean thinking to agile and lean methods to rethink the purpose of the organization and means how ot creates value with customers and users. 

During the training the participants will be introduced a proven method of nine steps with proven tools that together applied in defined order will significantly move the organization towards lean and agile thinking in a way that concretely moves the organization forward in 2020-era way of improving and changing constantly. Course helps organizations and their people to understand and get grip on their innovation portfolio and enables then to transform into new better versions of themselves.

After completing the training, participants will be well-prepared to show their learnings by taking the international Agile ADapT™ Foundation certification exam. The comprehensive exam preparation material is included in training and our experienced trainers will support your success.


  • You will understand the organization and it’s purpose
  • You will understand the Markets, products and services
  • You will understand the Customer, customer needs and customer jobs
  • You will understand the different innovation types and the innovation process
  • You will understand the business model and business moel innovation and transformation
  • You will learn to how to change organization and business in agile way and know if and how to scale it
  • You will learn to how to deliver operational improvements  
  • Validate your skills with the international Agile ADapT™ Foundation certification exam. 

Target Group

individuals taking part in transformational activities in an organization at a broad scale, ensuring that they understand the importance of their participation and their role in transformational initiatives.

  • Organizational leaders and managers needing to transform their organization.
    • To understand the importance of giving direction and enabling transformational success.
  • Organizational specialists who perform transformational activities.
    • To understand transformational activities in the context of the transformational lifecycle, their role, and how their involvement enables optimal outcomes.

Individuals involved in transformational initiatives using ADapT, whether as primary, secondary, or even tertiary participants, will benefit from a more complete and holistic understanding of ADapT, as demonstrated by this qualification.

  • Participants in transformational activities, in general.
    • To understand transformational activities in the context of the transformational lifecycle, their role, and how their involvement enables optimal outcomes
  • Transformational coaches and consultants that aim to assist organizations in the process of transformation, change, and continual improvement.
    • Understanding the ADapT transformational lifecycle and methods and how the approach facilitates successful organizational transformation and change.

Course Program

  • Introduction to ADapT™
  • The organization 
  • The market, products and services
  • The customer
  • Innovation types and innovation process
  • The business model
  • Agile delivery and scaling
  • Operational improvement
  • Exam preparation 


2 days, 9 am – 5 pm



Training Material

The training material is in English. The material is delivered to participants in advance in PDF format. 

’Competing in a digital future – second edition, Johann Botha, de Rodebode. ISBN 9780639715650.’


The training includes an English exam, which in classroom courses in the end of the training and remote trainings in suitable time after the training. Guidelines for booking and taking the exam will be discussed during the training.

Training is available in English (too) as customers spesific course (contact Lari directly vai phone, email or Linkedin) and public classroom training through